God is a lover.


As I read the Ten Commandments today — something I have surely done at least a hundred times in my life — I was struck by the raw heart of God, the eternal lover. Perhaps I was attuned to this because, just a couple of days ago, I mentioned the fact that God seems to desire a great deal of intimacy with us.

The first four of the Ten Commandments scream "lover" to me. They are the tender cry of a God whose heart is longing for those He loves. As I considered them in this way, I thought that the emotion was so intense, it could almost seem embarrassing.

Photo © Unsplash/Gabby Orcutt

Photo © Unsplash/Gabby Orcutt

You shall have no other gods besides me. In other words, please choose Me! I love you, and I want you to love Me! I want to have exclusive access to your heart, soul, and mind. I want to be the only one to love you in this way.

It reminds me of a favorite love song from the past:
If you let me be / I’ll be all you need
If you take a chance / I’ll be worth the chance
If you just love me / You will gladly see / I’m all you need

I wanna be the only one to hold you / Protect you from the rain
I wanna be the only one to soothe you / Erase all the pain
I wanna be the only one to love you / Love you over again
I wanna be the only one, the only one / The only one I am

You shall not make for yourself an idol of anything else, nor bow down to them, nor serve them. In other words, take down all those pictures of your past lovers. I want you to give yourself to Me and Me only. They don’t love you like I love you. Please don’t spend time thinking about how to get back together with them — I want you!

You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. In other words, please take our relationship seriously. Don’t ignore Me just until you need something. Don’t use Me like a sugar daddy. This love I’ve got for you is the best thing you’ll ever have going for you in life. Don’t treat it lightly. Don’t take it for granted. Here I am... get to know Me!

Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. In other words, what are you doing this weekend? How about Friday night and Saturday? I’d like to pick you up and take you out. I’d like to pamper you. I’d like to spend the whole day showing you just how much I care. Are you too busy to see Me? Can you lay aside your work, your chores, everything and just come away with Me? Let’s make it a weekly date, huh? I really want you to remember how good you have it with Me. Give Me time to love you up, will you?

Photo © Unsplash/Neven Krcmarek

Photo © Unsplash/Neven Krcmarek

So, are you blushing yet? There's no better day than Christmas Day to remember that God's not afraid to wear His heart on His sleeve. He’s desperately in love with you, and He’s out to let you know it! Have you been looking for, longing for a lover? Perhaps the search is over.