On Not Controlling Outcomes {gn12:11-13}

Photo © Unsplash/Denys Nevozhai

Photo © Unsplash/Denys Nevozhai

You promised Abraham blessings galore,
Progeny more than the sand on the shore.
Still, he was worried he might come across
Someone with power to turn gain to loss.
So he embarked on a self-serving plan:
Impersonating an unmarried man.

I know I'm prone to a similar skew,
Trying to pull off what you said you'd do.
It shouldn't matter if life remains rough.
All of your promises should be enough.
I should be willing to stay on my knees
And let you work out your plan as you please.

Help me to trust you beyond what I see
And not to fear what the outcome will be.


Sonnet: A poem consisting of 14 lines with a particular rhyming scheme.