God... in His own words.


I’ve always loved this chapter of the Bible. Have you ever wondered: if you ask God what He’s like, what will He say? Moses did just that, and in Exodus 34, he received an answer.

Photo © Unsplash/John Jennings

Photo © Unsplash/John Jennings

Here’s how God describes Himself:

1) Compassionate

2) Gracious

3) Slow to anger

4) Abounding in love and faithfulness

5) Merciful to wicked, rebellious, and sinful people

6) Disciplines by letting sin’s consequences

What do you think of His self-description? Do you agree/disagree? Do you think God has a P.R. Department? That He tries to say He’s one way, while He acts another way? If you were designing the perfect Deity, would you want to add anything to the above list? Would you want to remove anything?

Photo © Unsplash/Joanna Kosinska

Photo © Unsplash/Joanna Kosinska

This is God in His own words. To me, it’s fascinating.

What’s even more fascinating is that He doesn’t just say, "Here’s how I am. Take Me at My word." On the contrary, He has provided evidence for us to consider. Everything that comes before this declaration and everything that comes after will reveal to us whether or not God has accurately portrayed Himself here.