An Ordinary Life {gn24}

Photo © Unsplash/Patrick Fore

Photo © Unsplash/Patrick Fore

Nobody plans to win the lottery.
Not really.

The unexpected doesn't arrive
when it's expected.

Nobody goes to the well for water
supposing to find a husband instead.

And nobody who goes to the well for a wife
imagines the answer
before the Amen.

Instead, we assume an ordinary life,
quickly forgetting (did we ever know?)
that ordinary
is the largest part of extraordinary.

The miracle always comes
in the midst of the mundane,
the exceptional
in the midst of the everyday.

In a world conceived by the Supernatural,
there are no natural moments.

Even if you're
on your same way
down the same road
to the same well
with the same jar
in the same shoes you were wearing yesterday
and every day for the last ten thousand days,

this is
no ordinary day
no ordinary shoes
no ordinary jar
no ordinary well
no ordinary road
no ordinary way.