God reveres honesty.

God reveres honesty.


God is a master of relationships, and the first key to any relationship is honesty. When you think about it, the whole world — even the universe — is in the mess it’s in because one of God’s creatures decided to be dishonest instead of honest. Up in heaven, Lucifer began spreading lies about God, and when Adam and Eve bought into his lies in the Garden of Eden, our planet began to descend into chaos.

A Nove Otto on Jealousy {gn30}

Photo © Unsplash/Will O

Photo © Unsplash/Will O

Jacob wanted Rachel to wed.
Laban gave him Leah instead—
Makings of a Gordian Knot.

Of the two, Leah's working womb
Had Rachel spending days in gloom,
Though she had the love Leah sought.

We don't esteem our position,
Chained, as we are, by ambition:
We always want what we ain't got.


*Nove Otto: A poem with nine lines, eight syllables per line, and a rhyming scheme of aacbbcddc.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far {gn26:7}


The sins of the fathers
are visited upon the children
unto the third and fourth generations.

/raise a child
and learn firsthand
the awful truth/

     The Sins of the Fathers
     silently transmitted (like DNA)
     proudly passed down (like family heirlooms)
     meticulously cultivated (like cherished hobbies)
     systematically served up (like three meals a day)

Words /like birds/ fly
up down and around
in out
alighting departing

settle in
take root

That Isaac weaved
his father's tangled web
is no surprise.

The miracle would have been
a son of Abraham
who didn't practice the deceit
that had permeated the air
from the first moment
he drew breath.


God listens when we speak.

God listens when we speak.


There is a very simple point in this chapter: God listens when we speak. Our words are important to Him. And He wants us to take our words as seriously as He takes them.

Nowadays, business is run on the basis of written contracts. If you have to take a business partner to court, the court will make a judgment based on the terms of the signed contract. With little exception, what is contained in "the four corners of the contract" determines the outcome of the case.